Icon I4 / Smart LPV 160 / Pilot 168 ZPX / Vigil 2+

2 years ago a a promising skydiver bought a complete system, made few jumps and lost an interest now selling his gear. Only 9 jumps on this system (all in season 2016), everything is in pristine condition, ready to jump.

Rig was made for measurements:
Height: 181cm
Torso Length: 55cm
Chest: 105cm
Waist: 90cm
Leg pad: 85cm
Inseam: 88cm
Weight: 86kg SEX: Male
Outside of these ranges Aerodyne can always adjust the harness to fit you perfectly. Serious buyers only please.

Aerodyne Icon Nexgen Pro
DOM: 15 Jan 2016
Size: i4
Serial: IX-I4-13377
Options: Skyhook, Chest rings, Hip rings, Magnetic riser covers, AeroFit backpad, hackey sack handle, Soft reserve handle, Spacer foam legpads, Hook knife, Miniforce risers 22 inch, Material: cordura, Collapsible pilot.

Vigil 2+ Multimode
DOM: week 8/2016
Serial: 47556
No fires

Aerodyne Smart LPV 160 (low pack volume to fit a larger reserve)
DOM: 22 Feb 2016
Serial: LPV-160-13226
3 repacks (last repack 13.04.2018)
No rides

Aerodyne Pilot 168 ZPX (spectra 725 lines, fi)
DOM: 01 March 2016
Serial: PT-168-14132
No patches no holes

Price: 6500€
Will consider reasonable offers.

L'ensemble comprend:
Sac + secours
Déclencheur de sécurité
Voile principale
Modèle/type du sac: Icon I4
Nombre de sauts du sac: 9
Fabricant sac: Aerodyne Research Corporation
Modèle de voile (secours): Smart LPV
Taille de voile de secours (ft²): 160
Date de fabrication (secours): fév. 2016
Fabricant voile (secours): Aerodyne Research Corporation
Nombre de pliage: 3
Modèle (déclencheur): Vigil II
Déclencheur convient pour:
Date de fabrication (déclencheur): fév. 2016
Modèle de voile (principale): Pilot ZPX
Taille de voile principale (ft²): 168
Nombre de sauts (voile principale): 9
Fabricant voile (principale): Aerodyne Research Corporation
Annonce créée 17 mai 2018

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