Vortex II V6 and Decelerator 180 DOM 2010 // ±5'-2" to 5'-6"

Container and reserve only, no main, no AAD

Vortex II - V6, DOM 2010, 350 jumps, no rsl but riser can receive one, fully padded, articulated at the hips, retraction on the pilot chute, closing loop on the bottom flap. 2nd owner, always taken care of and stored indoor. Comfort fit : 185, I had a 170 in it and the fit was good. There's an extra cutaway handle

The rig was originaly made for someone 5'-6" 125 pounds, but I'm 5'-2" 130 pounds and it fits like a glove

Reserve : decelerator 180, 12 repacks, no jump, DOM 2010

Gurtzeug Modell / Typ: Vortex II - V6
Gurtzeughersteller: Parachute Systems
Inhabergröße (cm): 158
Inhabergewicht (kg): 60
Sprunganzahl: 350
Herstellungsdatum: Mai 2010
Eintrag erfolgreich erstellt 8 Dez 2019

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