UPT Vector micron V303 + Optimum 106 réserve

UPT vector micron V303
Many options (foams, magnetic risers cover, freefly handle, kill line...)
No Skyhook or RSL.
Semi stow less deployment bag.
The pilot chute has been changed 50 jumps ago.
DOM 2012

It comes with an Optimum 106 reserve from 2012.
The reserve has 10 repacks and 0 use.

RIG MLW = 15
I am 170 cm and I do not recommend the rig for someone taller than me. :-).

Price = 3 000 €

System enthält:
Gurtzeug + Reserve
Gurtzeug Modell / Typ: Vector micron 303
Gurtzeughersteller: United Parachute Technologies
Inhabergröße (cm): 170
Inhabergewicht (kg): 65
Sprunganzahl (Gurtzeug): 700
Reserveschirmmodell: Optimum
Reservefallschirmfläche (ft²): 106
Sprunganzahl (Reservefallschirm): 0
Reserveschirmhersteller: Performance Designs
Herstellungsdatum (Reserve): Jan 2012
Packvorganganzahl des Reservefallschirms: 10
Herstellungsdatum (Öffnungsautomat): Jul 2021
Eintrag erfolgreich erstellt 22 Jul 2021

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