Enssemble ADVANCE out + Silhouette 170

[*]Sac Harnais ADVANCE out 04/2000
Gabarit 175+/-10cm
Ligne d'extraction et kill-line neuve, wingsuit-friendly

[*]Secours PD Reserve 143 01/2000
10 pliages

[*]VIGIL Cuatro Multimode 06/2018

[*]Voile Principale PD Silhouette 170 11/2004
0 patch

Prochain contrôle 01/09/2020

System contains:
Container + reserve
Main canopy
Container model/type: Advance out
Container manufacturer: Basik Air Concept
Size of owner (in cm): 175
Weight of owner (in kg): 70
Canopy model (reserve): PD Reserve
Reserve surface (ft²): 143
Jump number (safety): 0
Canopy manufacturer (reserve): Performance Designs
Date of manufacture (reserve): Jan, 2000
Model (AAD): Vigil
Date of manufacture (AAD): Oct, 2018
Main canopy surface (ft²): 170
Canopy manufacturer (main): Performance Designs
Listing created Oct 29, 2019

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