Complet Next Paratec + Pilot 168 + Speed 190 + Cypres 2

Hi guys, I'm selling my entire parachute system because I am downsizing. I'm located in Hamburg, Germany. I'm french and can answer to you in french, german, english. Don't hesitate to ask.

I am 76kgs but I should say there is too much space for my legs... I should recommand it for a 85kgs person. Big muscle legs are here searched :P

Harness Paratec NEXT, without RSL, knife, hacky ball, black
DOM 09/2002 – ca. 650 jumps
±1m85 und ±85/90kg

Reserve Speed 2000, white – 190sqft
DOM 2002 – 0 jump

AAD Cypres 2 – 0 opening
DOM 02/2015

Main Aerodyne Pilot, Neon green / dark purple blue – 168sqft
DOM 11/2010 – ca. 440 Sprünge
1 small Patch

maybe the lines should be changed next year...

yearly check was made mid-march 2020.

Still good until march 2021!

Good overall state 
Price: 2500€ VB

bluesky without Corona!



System contains:
Container + reserve
Main canopy
Container model/type: NEXT Paratec
Container manufacturer: Paratec
Size of owner (in cm): 185
Weight of owner (in kg): 85
Jump number (container): 600
Canopy model (reserve): Speed 2000
Reserve surface (ft²): 190
Jump number (safety): 0
Canopy manufacturer (reserve): Paratec
Date of manufacture (reserve): May, 2002
Number of pack jobs (safety): 18
Model (AAD): Cypres 2
AAD suits for:
Date of manufacture (AAD): Feb, 2015
Canopy model (main): Pilot Aerodyne
Main canopy surface (ft²): 168
Jump number (main canopy): 450
Canopy manufacturer (main): Aerodyne Research Corporation
Listing created May 12, 2020

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