My SMILEY GEAR is lookimg for a new owner because I stop to Skydive :) 

Harness size 16.5

Full options including Skyhook

Fixed legstraps, why? I love fixed legstraps. I went to Zun the rigger in Gap to let them be stitched during a canopy course. One leg slightly opened, created a asymetry and I couldnt practice properly. Also it is more comfortable, less metal, and one thing less to fix when gearing up. 

When i meassure my thigh on the highest point under the crutch paralell to rhe floor I get 57 cm. 

I dont really know the amount of jump numbers this rig has. It is still in very good state. The colour is a bit faded, color looks a bit "dusty", but i kind of like this more pastel color so i never washed it. Of course you can wash it and the bright orange will be back a bit more. 

It is located in Switzerland but if you live abroad maybe we can find a ride for it or I can shipp it from Italy. Cost varies depending on which country you are in

Container model/type: V306
Container manufacturer: United Parachute Technologies
Size of owner (in cm): 171
Weight of owner (in kg): 55
Jump number: 1000
Date of manufacture: Jun, 2011
Listing created Jun 27, 2020

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