Icon I2 JFX 2 69

Icon I2 taille entre 1m64 et 1m70 pour 55/60kg en tres bon état

Smart LPV 120, zero saut

Cypres 2

Voile JFX 2 69 neuve, moins de 50 sauts avec RDS si besoin.

visible sur Bouloc jusqu en octobre et apres sur Lille

System contains:
Container + reserve
Main canopy
Container model/type: icon I2
Container manufacturer: Aerodyne Research Corporation
Size of owner (in cm): 165
Weight of owner (in kg): 56
Jump number (container): 200
Canopy model (reserve): smart LPV
Reserve surface (ft²): 120
Jump number (safety): 0
Canopy manufacturer (reserve): Aerodyne Research Corporation
Date of manufacture (reserve): Aug, 2022
Model (AAD): Cypres 2
AAD suits for:
Date of manufacture (AAD): Aug, 2022
Canopy model (main): JFX 2
Main canopy surface (ft²): 69
Jump number (main canopy): 50
Canopy manufacturer (main): Icarus Canopies / NZ Aerosports
Listing created Aug 31, 2022

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