Atom 34-0

Atom 34-0, DOM 10/1999, SN: JK044

The rig is with a pretty small harness and best fit would be on a 160-165cm/55-60kg person. Has been used by 180cm/80kg person but this is MAX it can fit. The rig can fit 128-155 sqft reserve and has had mains Springo 160 and Spark 170 main in it and 170 was tight. Rig has ~800 jumps.

Price: 200€ (negotiable)

Modèle/type du sac: Atom 34-0
Fabricant sac: Parachutes de France
Taille du propriétaire (en cm): 163
Poids du propriétaire (en kg): 58
Nombre de sauts: 800
Date de fabrication: oct. 1999
Annonce créée 23 oct. 2019

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