Vector V351 Complete container

Vector V351/Pd Pulse 170/Pd Optimum 176/ Cypres 2 AAD.
Container: Vector V351, 72 jumps. Dom: 7/2015
AAD: Cypres 2 expert . 70 Jumps.. Dom : 8/2015
Main Canopy: Pd Pulse 170; 87 jumps, Dom:10/2014
Reserve Canopy: Pd Optimum 176, Zero Jumps 1 repack, Dom : 7/2015
Fabric still slippery and in excellent condition -Canopy lines were in excellent, No damages, more pictures on request.
Buyer pays shipping.

L'ensemble comprend:
Sac + secours
Déclencheur de sécurité
Voile principale
Modèle/type du sac: Vector V351
Nombre de sauts du sac: 72
Fabricant sac: United Parachute Technologies
Modèle de voile (secours): Pd Optimum
Taille de voile de secours (ft²): 176
Date de fabrication (secours): juil. 2015
Fabricant voile (secours): Performance Designs
Nombre de pliage: 1
Modèle (déclencheur): Cypres 2
Déclencheur convient pour:
Date de fabrication (déclencheur): août 2015
Modèle de voile (principale): Pd Pulse
Taille de voile principale (ft²): 170
Nombre de sauts (voile principale): 102
Fabricant voile (principale): Performance Designs
Annonce créée 30 mai 2018

Commentaires (5)

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Rodolphe Rambaud

il y a 4 mois


Le sac a été fait pour quel profil (taille, poids, mesure)?


Adrien Nedoncelle

il y a 3 mois

Hello Chris,

I would like to know the size of your bag?

And can you give me the cost of shipping to France with taxes?

Thank you in advance



Clement Della Torre

il y a 2 mois


How tall are you ? 1.92 for me and it s so complicate to find the right size of harness.

Do you know the price of shipping ?

Thx and have a nice day ! Bluesky

Open uri20171014 11191 air1s5?1507991644

Rodolphe Rambaud

il y a 2 mois

Hello Clement,

I am 1.85 tall for 95kg. Maybe we can talk on facebook (Rodolphe Rambaud is needed).

Thannks and have a good day

Open uri20180922 12689 eziwz7?1537638980

Clement Lafenetre

il y a 27 jours

hello, is the parachute still available? what size is it going to? thank you

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