SWS Fire

SWS Fire DOM 12/2013, Only harness

Made for 175cm/75 kg. Jumps around 400. Fits non crossbrazed mains 100-120 sqf, at the moment there is NZ JFX 94. Reserve was speed 2000 135, but it has low pack volume, so optimum 126 or smart 110 should fit. Really good condition. 
-Long cheststrap
-3D spacer foam on back and legstraps
-Stainless steel-rings
-Soft cutaway-handle (original d-ring comes also)
-Semi stoweless bag (original comes also) 
-Metal hook knife
-Pink deployment parachute !!!

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Modèle/type du sac: SWS fire
Fabricant sac: SWS
Nombre de sauts: 400
Date de fabrication: oct. 2013
Annonce créée 22 août 2017

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