UPT Vector 314 from 2015-03

UPT Vector 314 in great condition and recently washed.

≈800 jumps

DOM 3/2015

Harness fitting 180-195cm 

Skyhook + semi stowless bag (the best kind)

3D Spacerfoam on leg pads but not on back. Back has Deluxe Backpad.


PLEASE read complete specifications including measurements here: http://vos.uptvector.com/4/vieworder4.asp?on=201501092&dist=upt004

There is a small damage on reserve flap as indicated by picture.

20.000 SEK // $2400 // €1950 + shipping


Also possible to pick up in Gothenburg.

Modèle/type du sac: 314
Fabricant sac: United Parachute Technologies
Nombre de sauts: 800
Date de fabrication: mar. 2015
Annonce créée 30 mar. 2018

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