Complete Rig for sale - Ready to Jump

Container: Vector V310, February 2007, Freefly options
accepts main from 119 to 150
sized for someone 1,75m to 1,85m and 75 Kg to 90 Kg
2nd owner, around 1800 jumps
the red is a bit faded but in good condition

AAD: Vigil II, november 2009, expiry date Nov 2029
1108 jumps, no maintenance required

Reseve canopy: PDR 143, January 2004
20 packing done, 2 openings
last packed on 18 May 2018

Main canopy: Crossfire 2 (NZ) 119, February 2007
Fabric showing signs of age but no patch and flies
great. At least a couple of hundred jumps left on lines.

Notes: It's a great rig, it has been updated to the latests notifications from UPT. I am selling it because I am downsizing. The rig is sold freshly cleaned and comes with a brand new kill line + pilot chute and a spare cut away foam handle.
Main canopy can be sold separately.
PM for more info.

3450 USD or 4500 CAD
Buyer pays shipping and fees.
Paypal and Transferwise accepted

L'ensemble comprend:
Sac + secours
Déclencheur de sécurité
Voile principale
Modèle/type du sac: V310
Nombre de sauts du sac: 1800
Fabricant sac: United Parachute Technologies
Modèle de voile (secours): PDR 143
Taille de voile de secours (ft²): 143
Date de fabrication (secours): jan. 2004
Fabricant voile (secours): Performance Designs
Modèle (déclencheur): Vigil II
Déclencheur convient pour:
Date de fabrication (déclencheur): nov. 2009
Modèle de voile (principale): Crossfire 2
Taille de voile principale (ft²): 119
Nombre de sauts (voile principale): 2000
Fabricant voile (principale): Icarus Canopies / NZ Aerosports
Annonce créée 16 juil. 2018

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