Icarus Canopies by NZ Aerosports

NZ Aerosports make canopies for skydivers everywhere who live wild and free and love to fly. 

We are the creators and manufacturers of the Icarus and Daedalus brands of parachutes for skydivers. Our canopies are designed in the pursuit of pure wild flight. 

Whether you need your first canopy, or are looking for the wing to put you on the podium, we have an Icarus or Daedalus canopy for you. 

Choose Icarus Canopies for safety and reliability. From our 7-cell wingsuiting canopy the Kraken to our elliptical 9-cell Crossfire 3, hyper performance wing Petra, and the Icarus Tandem, our wings are famous for their amazing soft openings and ease of use. 

Push the envelope and your limits with any of our high performance canopies. Start with your first crossbraced wing and progress all the way to the world’s first hyper-performance sail competition wing, the Petra. 

When you buy canopies from NZ Aerosports you know you are getting the best product from its original source. Your canopy will be made at Icarus World Headquarters in Auckland, New Zealand, and sent to you. 

Fly the perfect wing for you. Experience pure, wild flight.

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