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This agreement was written in French. To the extent any translated version of this agreement conflicts with the French version, the French version controls.

Intellectual property

Copyright & neighbouring rights
All elements of domain (texts, graphics, softwares, photos, images, videos, sounds, maps, names, logos, brands, creations and any work eligible to copyright, databases, etc.) as well as the website itself, are protected by French and international laws on copyright and neighbouring rights (especially articles L122-4 et L122-5 of the Code de la Propriété Intellectuelle).
Those elements are exclusive property of Aozora, except for the elements made by outsiders to the domain websites who haven’t transfer copyright and/or related rights.
As a consequence, the user of domain websites commit to respecting not to : 
  • use or interrogate domain websites on the behalf or benefit of others
  • copy or reproduce in a large scale, to commercial or non-commercial purpose, informations or ad classifieds existing on the domain websites 
  • integrate all or part of content of the domain websites in a third party website, no matter the commercial or non-commercial purpose
  • use bots, especially exploration bots (spider), a website searching, scanning or recovering software or any other way to compile, index or archive all or part of the domain websites, excepted if specifically and formerly permitted by Aozora
  • copy data on supports of any kind enabling to recreate all or part of the original files.
Any not specifically permitted use of elements of the domain websites is a copyright violation and is considered counterfeit. It may also be a violation to image rights, to the rights of persons or any other right or law in force. This may engage the civil liability and criminal responsibility of the offender. Aozora reserves the right to take any legal action against offenders.

Database producer rights
Aozora is the producer of all databases build by the domain websites like described in the article L 341-1 and following of Code de la Propriété Intellectuelle. Any non specifically permitted extraction or use of any data from the databases may engage the civil liability and criminal responsibility of the offender. Aozora reserves the right to take any legal action against offenders.

Use of content

Content publicly displayed on a domain website can also be displayed on other domain websites, as well as partners websites or so called "social media" websites. The user of Aozora services fully and explicitly accept this prerogative.

Personal information protection

As required by law n°78-17 du 6 janvier 1978, called “Informatique et libertés”, the domain websites are registered to the Commission Nationale de l’Informatique et des Libertés (C.N.I.L) at number: 2000869-v0 and 2000870-v0. As required by the article 27 of law n°78-17 du 6 janvier 1978, you have a right to review and rectify data concerning you at any time. This right can be exercised by emailing
By the use of the online payment services on domain websites, the user accept his data that are strictly mandatory to execute the transaction are transmitted to the payment gateway provider. It is the responsibility of the provider to inform the user of the further use of those data.


Aozora denies any responsibility for:
  • interruption of services of the domain websites due to maintenance or data updates
  • momentary inability to access the domain websites (and/or others related websites) because of any technical problems
  • direct or indirect prejudice, regardless its nature, caused to the user, because of the content, the access or the use of the domain websites (and/or other related websites)
  • abusive or fraudulent use of the domain websites. The user of the domain websites is therefore fully responsible for the prejudice caused to third party and for the consequences of any actions that it may lead to. The user also waives all recourse against Aozora in case of legal actions taken against him by a third party because of an abusive or fraudulent use of the domain websites
  • the loss by the member of the domain websites of his login and/or password, or in case of identity theft.
  • direct or indirect prejudice, regardless its nature, caused to the user, because of the use of payment gateway to collect or execute payments.
In particular, Aozora have no liability for online payment: they are executed through a payment gateway. All parties involved in a transaction therefore automatically accept terms of services of the payment gateway provider as soon as they chose to use their services.
Aozora is only charging a fee based on the transaction, and is not, at anytime given time, in possession of the funds. Aozora's responsibility is therefore not engaged in case of dispute between users. Users shall contact the payment gateway provider to assert their rights.


The domain websites may include hyperlinks to websites runned by third parties. These links are only provided for information. Aozora have no control on those websites and denies any responsibility towards the access, the content or the use of theses websites, as well as any prejudice resulting from their reading and/or use. The decision to follow those links is the full and entire responsibility of the user.

Cookies policy

For an easier navigation on the domain websites, cookies may be installed in your phone, your computer or your tablet, to save search criterias for example. If you don’t wish to allow the use of cookies, you can disable them on your navigation software. However, the use of the domain websites may then be affected.


Aozora reserves right to modify, at any time, and without restrictions, the Terms of Service of the domain websites. Everyone visiting the domain websites is invited to regularly read the Terms of Service, in order to check possible changes. Your continued use of the domain websites, following notice of the changes to our terms, constitutes your acceptance of our amended terms.


Any claim, cause of action or dispute (claim) that may appear about the validity, the understanding, the acceptance or the execution of the Terms of Service, whatever is the subscription or payment location, will first be answered by trying to reach an amicable settlement that both parties commit themselves to seek. If such a solution can happen within three (3) months, the relevant jurisdiction is the court in charge at the location of the Aozora company head office. Those Terms of Service are submitted to French law: unless there is an imperative obligation saying differently, or in case a choice is given to determine which law applies, the French law will apply.

Additional information

Stripe payment gateway

Stripe Privacy policy, Connected account agreement and other information are available on

Fair use

Aozora provides a free classifieds display service meant for individuals. Professionals can use this service, but there are limitations to the amount of listings an account might share. To overcome those limitations, you can subscribe to Pro options.